Our Services
Financial Advisory

INVESTMENT ADVISORY is our service. Due to the frequent change in the financial markets, constant monitoring of their evolution is essential to act at the right time, thus optimizing investment decision opportunities.

Following daily prime financial markets, we seek to advise our clients on the best opportunities of action.

We analyze client’s financial instruments portfolios, advising on the best strategies in their allocation, ensuring that such financial instruments are appropriate to the client’s experience, financial situation, loss tolerance levels and investment objectives, duly recorded in the investment profile previously measured.

Asset alocation

Aggregation, analysis and treatment of the information related to the GLOBAL investment portfolio of client’s financial instruments;

Tracking and monitoring of the portfolio, presenting proposals for changes, monitoring and improvement of financial assets portfolios held by clients;

Correct valuation of the portfolio;

We carry out technical analysis and opinions on any financial instruments, clarifying the client about the underlying risks and their adequacy to the PROFILE OF RISK ascertained by this company;